Intuitive & Interactive Tarot Readings
with Jeannie


Many people look to the cards for answers when life challenges arise. The cards do hold a great body of knowledge, and can serve to guide and illuminate our paths.  But it would be a mistake to believe that any answers we are seeking exist outside of ourselves.  

The Tarot is not a tool for seeing into the future.  The truth is that we create our own reality, from exactly where we are in the present moment.  There is no other place to begin to shift our current reality than from exactly where we are right now.  When the cards are viewed through this lens they can offer us the greatest benefit.

A Tarot reading with Jeannie will offer you an honest view of your life in the present moment.  You can think of the cards as a mirror, reflecting back what they see in you.  But beyond that, the Tarot will ask you to explore opportunities for growth and self-expression. One of the most valuable aspects of working with the Tarot is the invitation the cards offer us for self-reflection, and self-actualization.  

Within each card lives a series of powerful questions, and as we use these questions to guide our own process of self-discovery and spiritual-growth, we are given the opportunity to wake-up to the present moment and embrace what is.  

What would happen if you stopping resisting what-is, and instead...embraced everything? The questions are in the cards...the answers are in you.

To schedule an intuitive and interactive Tarot reading with Jeannie or learn how to read the cards for your own empowerment contact Jeannie.