Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow
others to play you small, you are in essence ignoring the 
owner's manual your creator gave you and destroying 
your design.                                                       

                                                              ~Oprah Winfrey



Spiritual Solo-prenuer Mentor,
Jeannie Thomma

Teaching women to:

  • Own their strengths
    (we need your brilliance in the world!)
  • Develop a unique product or service
    (that is the essence of you and what you LOVE!)

  • Create a roadmap to generate powerful profits
    (Yes, you can!)

You can contact Jeannie by email:
or by phone: 518.350.4712







Find Your Purpose, Follow Your Passion & Increase Your Profits





In order to get to where you want to go, you must begin from where you are and create a map to reach your destination.  Jeannie has created a FREE e-workbook for solo-preneurs just like you, who want to transform their life and business.

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  • Shine a Light on Your Unique Strengths 
  • Point You in the Direction of Your Destiny
  • Create Significant Profits
  • Transform Your Life & Your Business 

With more than 10 years of experience as a spiritual solo-preneur, including expertise as master teacher, speaker, tarot consultant, author, artist and former gallery owner, Jeannie knows exactly what questions to ask to help you zero in on your brilliance and reinvent yourself!

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