"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of
what you really love, it will not lead you astray." 


SOUL SPEAK TAROT with Jeannie Thomma
Tarot Readings & Intutive 
Spiritual Mentoring for Women

Jeannie will Guide You to:

  • Own your strength 
    (We need your brilliance in the world!)
  • Create a life that nurtures your soul 
    (That reflects the wonderful essence of you and what you LOVE!)

  • Awaken your heart
    (And live your beautiful gifts!)


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A Soul-full Gift Awaits YOU...

Use the Tarot to Begin a Converstaion with Your Higher
Self.  Your Dreams Hold All of the Answers to Your
Soul's Wonderings, So Why Not Dream BIG?!



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Inspired by the Tarot, this FREE gift created by Jeannie is a series of simple questions that are designed to give you soul-full insights about your life's path.   As you answer the questions from a place of truth, you'll see clearly how to: 

  • Find and Live Your Purpose
  • Follow Your Passion
  • Shine a Light on Your Unique Strengths 
  • Point You in the Direction of Your Destiny
  • Create Prosperity
  • Transform Your Life

With more than 10 years of experience as a spiritual solo-preneur, including expertise as master teacher, tarot consultant, speaker, author, artist and former gallery owner, Jeannie knows exactly what questions to ask to help you zero in on your brilliance and awaken to your best self!


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