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Receive private guidance from Jeannie that
inspires action & offers pathways for creating
meaningful change in your personal or
professional life.


Jeannie Thomma

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There's more to life than we can see...


A note from Jeannie:


An intuitive reading with me is an invitation to view your current life circumstances through a holistic lens.  Your life is comprised of more than the sum of its parts. However, if you only reflect upon what can be seen, you'll be missing essential information about the guiding energies present in your life right now.  We'll turn our attention toward these hidden aspects to reveal new patterns of thought and opportunities for positive change.

Your reading will be a collaborative experience, a dialogue.  There is a deep wisdom within you that I'll help you to access.  It's a place of heartfelt knowledge and understanding.  Working with this wisdom, you'll discover how the questions you ask and the choices you make can serve as catalysts for being present to a life filled with meaning.

Bring your questions, big and small, they'll frame the important work we'll do together.  Our goal, as we explore your questions, will be to empower you to walk your path with clarity, presence and authenticity.  You'll be introduced to new perspectives.  These insights will support you in reaching decisions with greater ease and confidence.

During your reading, you'll be welcomed into a safe and sacred space, free of any judgement or negativity.  We'll begin by embracing the belief that you are exactly where you need to be at this moment.  I encourage you to join me with an open mind and heart, prepared to embrace the lessons on your path as harbingers of your own growth and awakening.

I look forward to helping you uncover the truth of what awaits you at this stage in your life journey.  To learn how to schedule your reading, click here.