meditation classes & intuitive readings
reconnect with your own deep wisdom...

Meditate with Jeannie to Create More of 
What You Want in Your Life:

  • More Good Feelings
  • More Calm 
  • More Happiness
  • More Love 
  • More Clarity
  • More Health
  • More Time 
  • More Abundance
  • More Courage
  • More Freedom 

Jeannie Teaches 3 Paths of Meditation:

  • Daily Practice through Transformational Meditation (following your breath or a mantra)
  • Self-Reflective Meditation through Intuitive Readings
  • Meditative Art Workshops to Connect You To Your Core Creative Energy

Why Meditate?

The simplest answer I know is because it just makes life better. Everything gets easier, especially relationships.  The  biggest change you can expect to see and feel is the relationship you have with yourself. When you develop a meditation practice, happiness starts to bubble up from inside in the most unexpected ways.











"Courage is the hallmark of spirituality.  Courage comes when you love yourself for who you are."  ~Amit Ray


Meditation is a great teacher, helping us to shatter illusions. Through daily practice, there is a gentle release from the limitations of the "not-enough-ness" imposed upon us by the mind.

Meditation changes us, from the inside out.  It's like a slow burning fire, and as we fan the flames of that fire through daily practice, everything but the truth of who we really are starts to burn away.