Fiber Art Workshops

Follow the threads of fiber back to your creative core.  Fiber invites us to meet our truth, to discover and re-connect with our natural creativity.  As our hands move and our minds empty, we align with our intuitive energies, opening a space for our spirits to soar. Join Jeannie for an exploration of weaving, knitting and felting as creative forms of meditation. Group & Private Sessions Available. Contact Jeannie to learn more.


Weaving a Peaceful Path

Create a vibrant meditation practice for yourself—through the act of weaving.  Explore this ancient art form to create a space of peace within.  The creative process will turn off the chatter in your brain, leaving you feeling clear, refreshed and alive. Follow your bliss through this intuitive exploration of fiber art, designed to relax your mind, focus your concentration and awaken your creative energies.  Contact Jeannie to schedule a private or small group session.

Knitting...Each Stitch a Meditation

You are a wise being.  It's time to remember your own truth. Develop a practice of knitting to uncover the pearls of wisdom that are yours alone. With each stitch, you'll be exploring the truth of your own imagination, intuition and vision. Using luscious yarns to inspire sparks of deep creativity, you'll be amazed by the meditative power that his fiber art can bestow.  Knitting novices welcome! Contact Jeannie to schedule a private or small group session.

Felted Prayer Beads 

Prayer beads may have physical, metaphysical and psychological effects on their users… we’ll create a collection of fiber beads that resonate with deep personal significance, stringing them together to create prayer beads to wear or hold. Bring any cloth (or old clothes, perhaps from a loved one) that holds special meaning for you. Contact Jeannie to schedule a private or small group session.



Prayer Ties

A meditative practice inspired by the ancient Native American tradition. Prayer Ties are created by wrapping sacred herbs into small sections of beautiful cloth.  Most commonly used herbs include tobacco and sage. Often created for the purpose of giving thanks, the one creating the prayer ties has the opportunity to imbue each small bundle with a specific intention.  Traditionally, the ties are either burned during a ceremony, or hung from the trees (much like Tibetan Prayer Flags) with the belief that the prayers and intentions will be carried across the land and up to the great creater by the wind.


Personal stories of wonder, inspiration & discovery 
In this mystical exploration of spirit through art, participants will be led through a series of meditations, visioning & journaling exercises to enter the state of flow.  From a place of “connected knowing”, we’ll create personal Spirit Cloths—coverings that  embody all that we hold sacred & wonder-full.  You're invited to bring a collection of scrap fabrics and yarns that hold special meaning to you, small fetishes, & other objects of beauty: photos, feathers, insects, branches, shells, beads, etc., for incorporation into your spirit cloth. We'll use a combination of techniques, including, felting, weaving and knitting if you like!  Day-long workshop.  Contact Jeannie for details and to schedule a private or small group session.