Meditation Classes

"Meditation ultimately is meant to lead us to the recognition and capacity to live knowing that life is indeed sacred."        
~Rod Stryker



About Jeannie's Meditation Classes

Meditation classes with Jeannie are interactive and taught in a one-to-one or small group setting. You'll receive individual attention and be able to ask questions about meditation that are specific to your life experience.  Anyone can learn to meditate. Classes are evailable for: 

  • individuals
  • small groups
  • families
  • schools
  • organizations

Meditate with Jeannie to Create More
of What You Want in Your Life:

  • More Good Feelings
  • More Calm 
  • More Happiness
  • More Love 
  • More Clarity
  • More Health
  • More Time 
  • More Abundance
  • More Courage
  • More Freedom 

Choose Your Meditation Class...

Introduction to Meditation

When you join Jeannie for an Introduction to Meditation class, you'll enjoy a 60 minute interactive session where you'll learn about:

  • what meditation is
  • why meditation works
  • benefits of meditation
  • myths about meditation
  • finding time to meditate


Meditation for Beginners

Your Meditation for Beginners Series with Jeannie will be taught in four, 1-hour sessions.  In this series, you'll learn and get to practice a variety of meditation techniques. Most students end up havig a "favorite" technique, but they all work, and it can be fun to mix things up to keep your meditation practice fresh!  Each week, through story, hands-on exercises, and playful experiments, you'll experience what it feels like to create a personal meditation practice that helps you to live a happier life.

                                                              artwork by Jennifer Mazzucco

Why Meditate?

The simplest answer I know is because it just makes life better. Everything gets easier, especially relationships.  The  biggest change you can expect to see and feel is the relationship you have with yourself. When you develop a meditation practice, happiness starts to bubble up from inside in the most unexpected ways.

Meditation changes us, from the inside out.  It's like a slow burning fire, and as we fan the flames of that fire through daily practice, everything but the truth of who we really are starts to burn away. 

Meditation is the fuel of faith.  It gives us the strenth to believe in ourselves from a place of deep knowing and assuredness. As our practice grows, doubts gradually become fewer and farther between.  A new trust in who we are and our place in the world begins to emerge.

Meditation can spark a great curiosity within each of us.  The realization that we have a deep desire to attend to and nurture every aspect of our being becomes very clear. This curiosity and nurturing brings us to, and helps to keep us in the present moment more and more.

Meditation is a great teacher, helping us to shatter illusions. Through daily practice, there is a gentle release from the limitations of the "not-enough-ness" imposed upon us by the mind. By disciplining the mind, we gain access to the voice within or our true self. Free from the trappings of the mind, fear and the need to judge, label or control situations gently falls away and we are able to witness and embrace the truth of who we are.


How to Schedule a Meditation Class

To schedule a meditation class or learn more about upcoming meditation workshops, contact Jeannie via email