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gratitude stones

gratitude stones are healing tools created to provide strength and focus to support the flow of energy in our bodies. they can be held while meditating, used as touchstones, placed on an altar, dresser, desk or night table...they can even be carried with you throughout the day.  gratitude is a transformative power, available to you in every moment...each hand-made gratitude stone is a powerful reminder of your own strength, internal light & limitless potential. 

gratitude stones are wrapped in hand-felted wool and a shimmering cord, then adorned with crystals, charms, beads and amulets...each of the 7 colors symbolizing a distinct life force within you. gratitude stones, created to awaken and move your inner chakra energy, are available in each of the  7 chakra colors.  celebrate all that you are and all that you will become with these artisan-made talismans.  select a single color, or immerse yourself in the energy and balance that a complete set brings. 

note: each gratitude stone is a unique creation. when ordering, please expect that there will be slight variations among the gratitude stones...each one more wonderful than the next!!


gratitude stone--VIOLET

 violet  "understanding" cultivates awareness


gratitude stone--INDIGO

indigo  "intuition" brings clarity


gratitude stone--BLUE

  blue  "self-expression" supports truth


gratitude stone--GREEN

green  "love" enbraces balance


 gratitude stone--YELLOW 

yellow  "personal power" boosts self-esteem


 gratitude stone--ORANGE 

 orange  "strength" encourages desire


gratitude stone--RED

red  "nourishment" attracts abundance

NEW!!  BUDDHA gratitude stones!

 a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. available in the same 7 colors as  our traditional "chakra gratitude stones"....but BIGGER and with a lots more adornment to set your gaze upon. which color resonates with your thoughts and intentions?  choose one today. 


"we become our thoughts" --BUDDHA