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Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Let Your Creative Light Shine!


From the mountains of Western North Carolina, Jeannie collaborates with women who are makers, to mindfully encourage and guide them to bring their own creative ideas to life. Jeannie's gift is in guiding others back to their center--to a place that is still and quiet--in order to call in the memory and truth of who they are.  If you are seeking greater connection with your inner-artist/maker, Jeannie's heart centered approach to creative expansion will provide you with the perfect blend of structure, support, and freedom to help you to find your way from where you are to where you want to be.

The process of giving birth to your artistic inspiration is a journey of awakening--one that requires steady nurturing, sacred space, and belief. Working with Jeannie you'll be guided to listen to your heart energy, to courageously allow deeper levels of clarity to be revealed, and to come face to face with your own inner wisdom. As you practice the creative opening techniques that Jeannie teaches, you'll experience in body, mind, heart, and spirit, the transformative power of integrating a dedicated creative practice into your daily life.  

This work happens either  in community, amongst a circle of other like-minded creative women, or one-on-one, where you, as the maker, receive Jeannie's undivided attention and support in pursuing your vision.  Working with Jeannie, you'll be encouraged to embrace and commit to the creative process, in all of its messiness.  By giving yourself the gift of dedicated time to embrace your creative process, you'll set yourself on a path of discovery, one that provides you with both the time and space needed to listen deeply for the sound of your own inner wisdom. You'll experience a new found freedom in releasing the need for certainty and control, instead, opening yourself up to the magic and mystery that can only be felt when you let go of the creative should's.  With Jeannie as your guide, you'll experience the pure joy that comes from following your own light. 

Contact Jeannie by email to inquire about private mentoring, group workshops, or to request a list of current offerings:  jeannie@jeanniethomma.com.  

Jeannie holds a master's degree in Education, and is the Associate Executive Director of a non-profit agency.  She is a certified meditation teacher and has been practicing mindfulness and teaching for more than two decades.  Meditation fuels her creative process, informing her work as a knitter and weaver.  Her love of the arts has found her wearing many hats over the span of her career, including: teaching artist, gallery owner, advisor to artists, and creative entrepreneur.  Her fiber art has been featured in regional solo and group shows, as well as in national craft catalogs. Jeannie lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her family and their four-legged friend, Ruby.