Bring Your Creative Vision to Life with Jeannie

You have a unique brilliance you're meant to share--let me help you to discover it.

Through compassion, intuition, and strong heart-centered energy, I help the women I mentor to reconnect with their truth, renew their spirit, and live a life that is filled with joy. My mentoring programs take several forms:

Meditation Practice
Tarot Consultations
Fiber Art Practices
Individual Coaching

In our work together, I'll teach you how to identify the gifts that are seeking expression through you.  We'll begin by exploring the basics of meditation.  You'll experience the transformative power of building a meditation practice into your daily life.  Your practice will help you to consciously focus your energy, empowering you to clarify your vision for what's next, providing you with the support you need to move forward with courage and confidence. 

If you so desire, we'll then move to explore the guidance that can be found in the tarot. Through this ancient system of wisdom, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your own personal strengths, alongside the current opportunities and challenges that are part of your path at this point in time.  Once revealed, you can rely upon this wisdom to guide you to living a life that's in beautiful alignment with your destiny.

Next, we'll explore the world of fiber art together.  Discover the magic of designing and creating your own wearables and art objects. Journey through a world of knitting, weaving and hand-felted  wool as I guide you to channel your creativity and soul's expression through fiber.  Together we'll explore color and texture, form and function, inspiration and intuition.

My gift is teaching women to honor their natural abilities, and to say yes to their creative vision. When we work together, you'll re-discover your heart-mission, build your belief, and receive the support you need to create, stretch, grow, and transform. I look forward to joining you on this sacred journey!

Work with me to experience the transformative power of meditation; dive into your own guided fiber art journey; or explore the wisdom of the tarot. Send an email to connect today: I look forward to hearing from you!